Luggage Transfer

La Torretta Lodge Manarola

We are pleased to offer free for all our Guests, assistance for transporting luggages from Manarola public car parking lot to our lobby.
To book it you can call us from Manarola village gate +39 0187 920 327 anytime between 7:30 am until 8:00 pm, this free luggages service will be guaranteed exclusively within these time slots.

From Manarola train station is not possible anymore offer luggages transfer, as caming pedestrian area. From Manarola train station the only way is walking yourself for about 10 minutes until our Lodge (no steps).
A good choice can be stop in La Spezia Centrale train station and pick up from there a taxi until our Lodge (25 min drive about, taxi line available all day).

We also remind you that we are able to offer extra charge private transfer from all Italian Locations to our Lodge.

Our lobby is open for check-in every day from 7:30 am until 8:30 pm, after that time due to the logistic of place is not possible any more arrive at our Lodge.

Rooms will be ready at 3:00 pm, check out will at 11:30 am, luggages deposit is available for free at our lobby.

In Manarola there is a free parking along the state road only in the straights, paid parking inside a public square that is not possible to book in advance, a private garage with single car box by reservation only in advance to